Looking for Doctors to be Featured on Local Health and Wellness TV Show

As a physician, you know that it is vital to your practice to stay visible in the local healthcare marketplace

But what is the  BEST way to get noticed for your work and attract more positive publicity to your practice?


This is an exclusive invitation for you to audition for an interview on a new local television show, which features healthcare providers like you who are making an impact on their communities.

This is your chance to get local and even national publicity and share your expertise in an on camera interview with award-winning journalist and TV hosts Kristen White and Jennifer Salci.

  • Get noticed by local health publications
  • Connect with more patients
  • Attract local media outlets
  • Be the featured health expert on local programming
  • Catch the eye of local health ranking services
  • And more!

Ask My Doctor is the only show of its kind that allows you to share your expertise directly with your local marketplace in a professional interview

The show was created in order to bring more visibility to healthcare providers in the local healthcare market to expand their reach and grow their practice


This is a perfect platform for both new providers and well established practitioners who are looking to increase their network and maximize the impact of a positive public image.

Ask My Doctor TV is different because as an expert guest you are given the opportunity to showcase your expertise in depth within a professional interview where you have control over the questions and the way your content is presented. This way, you are positioned to to give yourself the greatest advantage for future media appearances.

Ready to directly connect with your local audience in St. Louis? Audition for a spot on the TV show now!

See an Interview Now!

If you want to get on TV, you MUST act today!

Your invitation to be considered first is limited.


Your opportunity to audition FIRST will end November 20th. After that date, your application will be considered with everyone else.

The audition deadline for ALL applications to be considered for Season 2 is January 31st, 2016 . No Exceptions! Get yours in soon to take advantage of this opportunity.

Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of Our State-of-the-Art
Television Studio


Production Details

  • Production is held on location in our St. Louis ABC TV studio
  • If selected, you must be in St. Louis for one of these dates
  • Travel expenses are not included
  • The production is one day only
  • Production is on a Saturday
  • Allow for at least three hours in the television studio day of production
  • You will need to arrive the night before your scheduled production day
  • You will receive media strategies regarding what to wear and what to say prior to your appearance
  • You will make an investment for your appearance on this show

Meet Your Production Team

We are a team of award winning journalists and reality TV show producers and talent who work with NY Times Bestselling authors, celebrity coaches, and media experts in health, wellness, personal development, and spirituality.  We create media projects from concept through production to distribution on various mainstream media platforms, including Hulu, Roku, GoogleTV, and mainstream local affiliates ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, MyTV, and CW.


Host of The Ripple Effect, Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Media Marketing Coach

As a media marketing Coach, Kristen White works with clients to create media based marketing platforms including television, radio, iPad magazine, and multi-media books. Her company, White Media Agency, LLC, is the premier media coaching and video production company for the wellness and personal development marketplace.

With her international best selling book, STYLE ON A SHOESTRING and more than 100 "fabulously frugal" makeovers on over 200 episodes of television airing in 14 countries, Andy Paige Chicksaw, Alabama native, has earned the title "The Budget Bombshell" honestly. Andy’s extensive work on NBC’s Starting Over, TLC’s Ten Years Younger, STYLE Network’s How Do I Look, SOAP NET’s Soap Talk, and countless local network style segments have all made Andy the charming and sassy go-to gal for "thrifty-chic" fashion fixes and budget beauty help. You also saw Andy exercise her “Cents of Style” muscles every week on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, where she oversaw hair, makeup and wardrobe for Donald Trump’s cast of celebrity characters.

For the past 25 years, Susan Harrow has been the brains + heart behind Harrow Communications, a media coaching + marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Susan is also the author of the best-selling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®: A Woman’s Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product or Her Cause with Integrity & Spirit (HarperCollins) and a regular contributor to the San Francisco Examiner, The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Susan has been featured, quoted or profiled in: The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Inc., CNN, Advertising Age, Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, Pink, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, and Investor’s Business Daily, and on CNBC, NPR, and national/syndicated TV and radio including the CNBC special, The Oprah Effect.


Media Coach and Publicity Expert

"Major advertisers conclude that banner ads next to text basically don’t work, they flock back to the one format that still gets big results: television. The value of an eyeball’s attention to digital media has plummeted, while the value of a television eyeball continues to increase." — Michael Wolff, Television is the New Television

Check out what some of our previous Ripple Effect media expert guests had to say about their appearance:

Be featured on the second season of The Ripple Effect and share your message with an audience of millions. If you're ready to make the investment to increase your visibility and gain professional media experience, audition now.

All Media Doors Open From The Inside

As a reporter for more than a decade, I know the only people who get on TV are people who have already been on TV. Let's face it, it's a catch-22 when you want to book media appearances. The producers and assignment desks want to see what you look like on camera and determine if there is enough poise and clarity to confirm that you'll be a good guest. Often, the only way to get booked is to have media clips of previous appearances. If someone is just getting started, this can be a true obstacle. With us, you can create a professional media clip aired on a real TV program, which helps the next media expert guest opportunities come by easier.

Here's what some of our past guests have done with their media appearance on The Ripple Effect:

  • Leslie McNulty launched a prime time TV series in India that became the #1 ranked show in her marketplace within the first season
  • Ron Eccles books speaking engagements regularly that attract clients to his coaching practice
  • Sunny Dawn Johnson rapidly grew her brand through frequent television appearances that she was able to book
  • April Ford is frequently featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox in the Sacramento area to share her expertise
  • Geeta Siddhu Robb attracted interest from producers to her own television series, which now airs on SkyTV
  • John Turner used his interview to attract massive consumer attention to his book on the neuroscience of death
  • Carolyn Ellis more than doubled the size of her coaching practice
  • Sue Ferreira appeared on MSNBC as a result of her interview on The Ripple Effect
  • Flora Bowley uses video on her digital platforms to sell out workshops and ecourses in less than 24 hours

Watch an episodes from Season 1, which aired to 20 million households on ABC, Fox, MyTV, CW, and Roku.

RippleEffect with Kristen White - Episode #7


I am offering you a special opportunity to audition for The Ripple Effect first, before the general public. Last time we had thousands of applicants. Your opportunity to jump in front of the line is ONLY available until November 20th and we only take ONE expert per category on each episode.

Get noticed and audition now!


Individuals who regularly appear on television are able to share their message with a global audience and attract more clients.

An Appearance on The Ripple Effect will help you start booking more interviews, PLUS:

  • Create confidence to face any media invitation with poise and clarity
  • Be perceived as a media expert who is ready to be a featured guest on TV
  • Gain exposure for your books and products
  • Spark a buzz about your upcoming projects
  • Hone your message so you are prepared to answer any question, planned or unexpected
  • Create instant credibility with potential customers who view your interview
  • Individuals who regularly appear on television make 10x more income than individuals who have not appeared on media
  • Easily share your thought leader opinions through broadcast quality videos
  • Available to connect with your content to an International audience
  • You will break the barrier to entry of television and be featured on more shows
  • Video is a powerful way for viewers to instantly connect with you and get a sense of your energy, passion, and intent

Your Appearance on The Ripple Effect Includes:

  • Soundbite Training with Susan Harrow

    Media and soundbite training with Susan Harrow, PR Specialist and media expert. Because this is a recorded broadcast, there is plenty of time to stop and start over if you would like to polish your message. This is an opportunity that would not be available as a featured guest on a live TV show.

  • On-Camera Image Consulting with Andy Paige

    Appear polished and credible on-camera with image consulting for hair, makeup, and clothing including a private Skype consultation with a celebrity stylist who has worked with featured guests on Celebrity Apprentice, David Letterman, and other well-known talk shows.

  • Professional On-Camera Interview with Kristen White

    Message construction featuring concise, focused, media ready-soundbites that can be used for both radio and television interviews. Work with Kristen directly on private calls to fine-tune your message in the weeks leading up to your appearance. Then, appear in an interview with her on camera.

  • Professional Television Production By The Experts

    You will have a one-on-one two camera interview in the St. Louis ABC television studio. The interview will include a broadcast quality media clip of three minutes and an extended interview of 15 minutes featuring you as the expert guest. Your book and branding will be part of the graphics on the set.

  • Broadcast Media Credit on ABC in a Personal Media Kit

    You will receive broadcast quality clips, interviews, and promotional pieces that you can use in both your website, social media and personal media kit to attract additional television appearances.

  • Same-Day Production

    Most production can be scheduled to be produced in a single day. Simply arrive the night before and you can leave the following evening. The time in studio depends on production schedule.

  • Distribution to Millions of Viewers

    Your interview will be featured on The Ripple Effect which has aired on ABC, Fox, MyTV, CW, GoogleTV, Amazon Instant Video, and soon will be featured on additional on-demand platforms like Hulu. Your media expert interview will be part of one of the episodes.

  • Evergreen Availability

    With the rise of video on demand, unique programming is available for consumers to view 24/7. This is a powerful new innovation in television. Previously an episode would air one week and then after the season, viewers would have to wait for reruns. This is no longer the case. Your content is readily available to be shared with people interested in your message.

Ready to get on TV?

If you wait you will miss your exclusive opportunity to be considered first. Once the spots are full you'll have to wait until we start casting for our next season.

The first step is to audition for the show now. Then you will have a meeting with our executive producer to discuss your appearance. If selected to appear on the show, a deposit will be required at the time of booking to reserve your spot. This media appearance on The Ripple Effect requires an investment.


A Few More Rave Reviews:

Let's see how how we can get you in the spotlight with your message or product. The Transformational TV Movement needs voices like yours to spread positive messages with the world. The next step is to audition.

I look forward to working together with you to create a positive impact on the planet.

All the Best,

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