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Would you like a private FREE 30-minute session with Kristen?

The Discovery Session is for you if you are an author, speaker, business owner, entrepreneur or coach, consultant, trainer or other professional who creates transformation for others, yet needs help finding your own successful transformation to take the necessary leap forward in your business.

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  • "I know I can make a BIG IMPACT on the world if I just had the media’s attention on my powerful message."
  • How do I make more money doing what I love helping others?
  • "I can’t find the way to get to the next level in my business."
  • "Why can’t I find my ideal clients and customers?"
  • "I’m working hard, but sometimes I feel like I’m not working very smart! …."
  • " Everybody else makes it look so easy! It is time for me to change, to discover a way that works just for me "

If you know in your heart that something needs to change
and you’re ready to do whatever it takes.

Trouble is, you don’t know what needs to change?

Perhaps it feels like a big blind spot!

If hard work were all that is needed to create a booming business, then everyone would be famous, wealthy and successful. But most people aren’t, which proves that for YOU to take a quantum leap forward with your business you MUST finally break free of the unconscious habits, emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from dramatically increasing your income and creating the life of FREEDOM that you so deeply desire. Then you need a clear strategy, step-by-step plan and a team which can help you execute you vision and make your business goals a reality.


  • Why does my website does not reflect my brand and does not make a clear offer?
  • Who am I really passionate about working with?
  • How can I make myself more visible?
  • What am I doing wrong? I’ve attended weekend workshops, and learned all sorts of things but none of them seem to work for my business?
  • Why can’t I ever make the kind of money I know I can make?
  • What’s wrong with me? Why is it that everyone else makes it look so effortless?
  • I’m tired of working 12-14 hours (sometimes even longer) every day.
  • Why is it so hard to get projects completed?

I hear concerns like these like that all the time! I understand your pain and frustration. It hurts to work hard day after day and not get anywhere. If you really want something different. If you’re fed up and finally ready to break through those few areas that are holding you back from earning money and having freedom and time to enjoy your wealth and success and YOUR LIFE, then a Discovery Session is for you.


Are you living your life on other people’s deadlines? Working on other people’s success and completing their urgent projects. But, you wonder when is it your turn? Yet, instead of taking action for your own success, you wait. Perhaps tomorrow you will make a move. Meanwhile, you just put your head down. You’re the worker bee behind the Queen - always coming through, always getting it done, but nobody appreciates how much time, thought and effort you put into it. Let alone make real money for it – a Discovery Session is for you.


Perhaps you just want…

  • More clients?
  • More time and freedom to do what you love?
  • Want more sleep?
  • More money?
  • More time for romance with your partner?
  • A free day to hang out with your kids?

What if you believed that you actually have
the power to change it ALL in an instant?

If that question made you hesitate, ask yourself how badly do you really want what’s happening in your life today to be different?

It’s true, we all recognize stuff about ourselves that we would like to do differently, and so what stops us from taking action to change?

Truth is, we can shift! It’s in our awareness of our unconscious habits, deep emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors. Once we recognize and commit to change a complete transformation occurs

Here’s the offer- what if in just 30 minutes you could identify the largest block to your success and be ready to release it‚ that’s right, leave it behind you once and for all. Gone forever – all for FREE?


  • Know without a doubt your unique gift to the world?
  • Create a clear message that tells your ideal client exactly how you can change their life forever?
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the influence and business success you want.
  • Identify the most powerful action that will move you towards having charisma and powerful influence — making an IMPACT in the media and with your clients every time — getting your point across clearly and directly.
  • Complete a Discovery Session with Kristen and know what you can do TODAY to move closer to being the go-to Media Expert in your field.
  • Is this simply too scary? You may have to try something new? If you’re not quite ready to answer these direct questions today, when will you be ready?
  • Do you feel deep in your heart that you could be the next Oprah in your industry?
  • Last night you were up again with the same burning fears about your success… When are you ready to sleep peacefully?
  • What if a 30-minute session with Kristen could give you peace of mind, focus and purpose?
  • How would it change your life?
  • What would it mean to your business bottom line?
  • What would it mean to your family and your relationships?

Your secrets are safe…

I’m not interested in judging you or comparing you. We are all different and have a unique path to offer our light to the world.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients: Housewives to Harvard Grads, Celebrities to Professional Athletes, and Authors to Entrepreneurs. Everyone has similar challenges. You are too close to your work to see its brilliance.

The time we share together is your time, to solve your problems – not to share with the world. What happens in our sessions, stays in our sessions. You will have some great action steps you can use right now. It may be the ONE thing you need to turn it all around.

Please, don’t lose any more sleep!

Coaching and mentoring works, Bottom Line. I’m here to get you going the right way FAST. I know you are ready for change. You’re tired of feeling stuck and you want to have a breakthrough. Let’s share 30 minutes together soon.

I know it can happen for you!

If you are willing to risk 30-minutes to see what’s keeping you stuck and to explore what will break you free


Yes, we've all heard about the overnight success.  All of a sudden out of the blue, an unknown person becomes a superstar.

Perhaps they were discovered on YouTube, shopping at the mall, or through a random talent contest. But this is not, the proven path, and what most of us miss is the years of hard work and commitment leading up to the overnight stardom. It's kind of like winning the lottery, yes it happens, but the odds are not in your favor if you sit around waiting for lightening to strike.

Are you willing to wait until you are discovered?

Are you willing to wait until you win the lottery?

I'm here to tell you the waiting for these random opportunities is not necessary.

In fact, I believe it's a form of self-sabotage and magical thinking.

Are you your own worst enemy? Paralyzed by indecision, inaction and uncertainty?

However, if you are committed to being a true success and the recognized expert in your field then you must put yourselves in the limelight.

I am a self-made, self-employed, self published, successful, multi-six-figure entrepreneur, #1 Bestselling Author and TV show host. I have a Masters Degree in Journalism, BSBA in Marketing/Business, worked on Capitol Hill, in Hollywood, in TV newsrooms, and as an Author and as Business and Life Coach for decades. What I've learned is that the way we express our life TODAY is a combination of all the gifts, wisdom, knowledge and talent we have accumulated over our entire lives.

What gifts, common sense training, talents and experiences, are you leaving out of your big picture?

Let's look at your big picture together. Once we discover it, I know the proven path to help you reach this PINACLE point on your journey… in the very near future.

What you need to express your BIG PICTURE LIFE is a framework, systems for your success, and a vision that is attainable step-by-step. With this in place, you are unstoppable and you will, not only reach your goals, but also easily exceed your dreams with your focus and persistence.

Even if you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, I see it for you.

Together, we can get clear on...

  • The focus and purpose of your business
  • Your unique path to success
  • The message you want to communicate to your clients
  • Your signature system
  • How to organize and create a product or a book
  • And how to use your authentic voice to convey your passion to help others
  • How to build an integrated online business to monteze your message and find a global voice for your message

So make this upcoming year, the most amazing 12 months for your business and your personal life.

Please accept my gift of a free 30-minute discovery session.