Discover the only Transformational TV show that features experts like you who are making a positive impact on the planet.

The Ripple Effect is the only show of its kind that allows you to share your positive message with a global audience.

The show was created as the flagship for the Transformational Media Movement — a movement focused on bringing positive change-makers and thought leaders into the national spotlight. The Ripple Effect has received international attention for its inspiring and thought provoking content. This is a perfect platform for authors and experts who have expertise in wellness and personal development. Most other mainstream media programs are only interested in "breaking news".

The truth is that most newsrooms and broadcast companies are looking for stories that involve one of 3 things:

The Ripple Effect is different because as an expert guest you are given the opportunity to showcase your expertise in depth within a professional interview where you have control over the questions and the way your content is presented. This way, you are positioned to to give yourself the greatest advantage for future media appearances.

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The Ripple Effect is a show that features original content produced for Hulu and other media platforms.

Television, radio and films are saturated with negativity, violence and tragedy. As a former award winning television news reporter and anchor, Kristen White knows about house fires, heartache and homicide first hand. A spiritual awakening in 2006 opened up all of her intuitive channels and led her in the direction of using her interviewing talents combined with her spiritual gift of insight to educate the world about how individuals have the power to transform themselves through awakening their consciousness and participating in daily activities that raise ones vibration.  Kristen produces personal development, wellness and spirituality programing for radio, television and film through her company White Media Agency.

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Who We Are

We are a team of award winning journalists and reality TV show producers and talent who work with NY Times Bestselling authors, celebrity coaches, and media experts in health, wellness, personal development, and spirituality.  We create media projects from concept through production to distribution on various mainstream media platforms, including Hulu, Roku, GoogleTV, and mainstream local affiliates ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, MyTV, and CW.


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