To get noticed in today's crowded marketplace, you need a team of experienced, dedicated professionals who understand the competitive landscape and what it really takes to stand out above the din.  As an expert, you've no doubt spent years crafting your skills and expertise.  And like you, we've invested years of time and money to develop an incomparable combination of creativity, skill and experience that gives us a competitive advantage, which extends to our clients.  That acumen is the foundation on which all of our services are built.

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Let's Build Out Your Business

Work with our team to create webinars, event sales pages, tele-summits, list building campaigns, Digital Products and membership sites. We will help you with the many steps and all of the details necessary for each online business platform. Reach out to us today to discuss your ideas and we will help you create a profitable invisible online business to help you express them.


Let's Talk About Your Website

Take a moment and honestly give your website an audit. Does it have a clear offer? Is your image attractive and updated? Are you blogging? Do you have testimonials and video? If not, it may be time for a website overhaul. There are two types of websites: a marketing website and a positioning website; as an expert, you need both. We are available to look at your website and make suggestions and develop a new interactive strategy for you to gain visibility and profitability. We also add the latest SEO and analytics software so you can track your results!


Achieve Your Online Goals

A successful online business is structured by a series of web pages designed with specific functions that take visitors through a process which ends with a buying decision. These are highly interactive and connected to social media and email marketing campaigns. We specialize in building these integrated custom branded platforms. In fact, we have created them for some of the most successful online experts out there in the marketplace today.

Find out what you need to create to achieve your online business goals.


Coaching for You

Wonder what Strategic Business Consulting is about? Schedule a complimentary session with award- winning  coach and mentor Kristen White. During the call, she will help you gain clarity and a step-by-step plan of action to gain the momentum needed to be successful online.  Learn  how to attract the media, create a digital product, and gain traction with email marketing while saving thousands of dollars and years of  lost time on mistakes, half built campaigns, and lack of focus.


Start Your Image Makeover

A first impression is often the only chance you get to wow a new client online. Your graphics and your brand are the key to attract and keep online visitors.

Your graphics need to be bright, modern, crisp and have a clear call to action. Our award winning creative director, Miranda Jackson, can build a beautiful image and presence to make you truly shine above your competitors. It’s important that you brand and image match on multiple online platforms. We also do book covers, social media image campaigns and printed brochures and e-books.


Step Into The Spotlight

If a talk show producer called you today for a TV interview, would you be prepared? Do you have an offer, a clear media-ready message, and a polished look for the camera? In the world of media, you often get only one chance. As a media expert, you must be prepared to take advantage of every media opportunity that comes your way. We help you with on camera performance, media kits, press releases, and strategies to attract the media. Media Coach Kristen White has 20 years of on-camera experience as an award-winning journalist and will work with you to polish your performance and get you on TV and Radio.


Get Me On Camera!

Our broadcast quality film crew pays attention to the details necessary to create beautiful, professional and polished videos for your marketing websites and video productions. We shoot video in studio and on location. If you want to harness the most powerful marketing tool on the planet, then we are the team to get it on tape. Come to our studio or join us at one of our production events and you’ll love how it turns out. You can also audition to be part of our TV show which airs nationwide to 52 million households.

White Media Agency, located in St Louis, Missouri is a video production and video marketing agency that helps businesses reach more potential customers. We specialize in video produciton, video marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, local business marketing, healthcare marketing, and author marketing.